Collaborative Professional Guidance & Oversight

Serving the Senior Care Industry with Expertise Texans Trust

Avoid costly pitfalls with our unique packaging of collaborative services. You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing your residential care home meets Texas compliance regulations. Being able to open your home helps your bottom line — and the senior community here in Texas. That’s a win-win!

Core Consulting Packages

Senior Care Compliance expert Cyndi Pressler and the team at ConsultCyndi offer expert knowledge of both state and local requirements that guide the existence and operations of senior care in Texas to form the foundational concepts and principles of successful project implementation from beginning to end and beyond. 

Time-Block Solution Services

Client needs can vary, depending on project status, client skill set, budgets, and timelines.

For clients who may fall outside the parameters of other package offerings, Time Block Solution Services provides topic-focused consultation services to help support your business. We will listen to your current concerns, identify the underlying problems, diligently work to find solutions, and provide you the guidance and support needed to get the issue resolved.

Topic-Focused Consulting Services Could Include (but are not limited to):

Start Right, Stay Right

With our collaborative guidance and oversight services, we will help you to avoid the costly pitfalls of fines and penalties that can be incurred when a residential care home is not properly set up. Compliance pitfalls not only ultimately affect your bottom line, these pitfalls can have frustrating and time consuming consequences for licensing, staffing, and opening delays. 

Can you afford to go it on your own?